About Us

Exclusive Holidays for Extraordinary Canine’s.

We are devoted to our dogs & love all animals big & small. With 35 years’ experience owning & working with dogs, our vision for starting Boghall Canine Country Retreat came from our often stressful experiences when leaving our dogs when going away. Friends and family all seemed to have the same anxiety at some point. Please scroll down to read the inspiring stories of our three rescue dogs, Archie, Layla & Happy .


Always being asked to care for friend’s dogs & pets became such a common occurrence over the years that it has very happily became our way of life.


Dogs are a member of your family and we feel passionate about being there for them when you can’t be. Not just a home from home but catering to every need and keeping to every detail of their family’s routine in lovely surroundings.

Our canine guests are given full access to our Ayrshire country house and the 5.5 acres of land that surrounds Boghall. If your dog is allowed on the sofa in your house or they sleep snuggled up at the end of your bed .The same applies when they stay with us. Exclusive transport for our canine guests is a Land Rover Discovery, so they can be taken for daily excursions to beautiful surrounding countryside & beaches in comfort & safety.


We are proud to be Licensed by North Ayrshire Council for Home Boarding. We follow very stringent standards in all areas of our care.  We are fully insured by Pet Business Insurance for public liability and associated care cover, to give owners peace of mind. We are members of NARPSUK (National Association Of Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers). We have a local veterinary centre that we can rely on 24 hours if the need arises.


We promise Exclusive holidays for Extraordinary canine’s. We always aim to exceed every owner’s expectations. Your family will be treated as part of ours. You can then relax and enjoy your time away, hopefully as much as your companion will be enjoying theirs ! We are only 15 minutes away from Glasgow International Airport, so even visiting us is easy.


We look forward to welcoming you & your canine family to Boghall Canine Country Retreat.



Yours Sincerely,


Heather Stuart Tulloh & Guy Tulloh

Our Three


Rescued from a market in Thailand as a three week old pup. Told that he wouldn’t make it by various vets. We defied all odds and with lots of TLC and medication he made it. In Thai my friends called him P.Tup. Thai for Tuppence. He maybe tiny but he has a great outgoing personality. Now becoming an elderly boy, he still loves his cuddles, walks and playing with other dogs.


I volunteered at K9 friends in Dubai, when lovely Layla was brought in. She had been found abandoned in the desert with her pups , some which were deceased. For months she was overlooked by families as she was sat in the corner facing the wall in a cramped kennel. Once we got to know her she was so loving. We couldn’t bear her to be left there. So she came home with us and we are so thankful to have her as part of our family.


Happy is disabled and goes out for walks in her little wheelchair. We say she is ‘enabled’.  Since getting a wheelchair she loves every chance at running about in it .She was a victim of terrible abuse and then left paralysed in a cage for many years in Singapore. Luckily a good friend who is a vet, came across this poor soul. As soon as we were introduced there was no going back. We had no choice but to give this girl a chance at a loving family life. What can we say about Happy …. Her name says everything. Nothing stops her and she truly is making up for lost time. She creates a smile where ever she goes.